Happet Smycz Szelki Soft Style Czarne Odblask S 1Cm



A Leash & Harness Set / Soft Style

for a dog / size S

Due to a use of
a two-ply nylon tape made out from a durable nylon fibers the product from the Soft Style series stands out with its
unique endurance. The
Leash & Harness Set let you
controll any disobedient behaviour of your pet during the walks. Soft fullfilment of the harness provides to your dog comfort and convenience of wearing not constraining its movements. The harness is equipped with
a solid fastener and two metallic circles to fasten the leash. You can regulate the width of the harness to
set it to the dogs neck.

Stainless steel piton
guarantees collar a solid attachement.

Not only being
strong and durable the Leash & Harness Set from Soft Style series is also
esthetically made with a decorative pattern outside.The set is available in 5 colouristic attractive versions and in 4 sizes.

Additional features:

  • great durability is provided due to the use of nylon fibers
  • two-ply tape with soft fullfilment
  • the leash is fully adjustable
  • fastener with a blockade and a metallic circle to fasten the leash
  • stainless steel piton at the end of the leash
  • interesting pattern and esthetic finish

Material: nylon

Colour: black

Width: 1 cm

Leash Length: 120 cm

Dogs Girth: 21 – 33 cm

Table of available sizes of

Leash & Harness Set


Leash Length

Dogs Girth



120 cm

21 – 33 cm

1 cm


120 cm

27 – 42 cm

1,5 cm


120 cm

33 – 53 cm

2 cm


120 cm

40 – 64 cm

2,5 cm

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